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Roth on Wesleyan

Today, I read the powerful, devastating accounts of the awful experiences that several of alumnae members of the Wesleyan women’s cross-country team published in Wesleying. The Director of Athletics has asked for an investigation by the Office of Equity and Inclusion, and this will begin immediately. I apologize for the profoundly negative experiences that the women ...

Michael S. Roth '78

Wesleyan Magazine

World Views
Global experiences have a special power to challenge and inspire. From Cuba to Kenya, meet the faculty, students, and alumni whose work transcends borders and helps Wesleyan build and sustain enduring connections with the wider world.

Issue 3

Wes in the News

  • Marketplace

    Erika Franklin Fowler, co-director of the Wesleyan Media Project, discusses the "vastly different" rules governing political advertising on streaming versus broadcast TV.
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Fred Cohan explains how viruses like the coronavirus, or COVID-19, adapt and spread from animals to humans, as well as how "all the demands we put on the environment [...] come back to bite us in the way of new infections." (Starts at 13 minutes).
  • NPR

    Washington Post reporter Hannah Dreier '09 is interviewed about her investigation, which found that therapists are sharing their notes on detained migrant children with immigration officials.

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